Why is the Clown of Campbells Bay spamming everyone?

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownThe Clown of Campbells Bay, Mayor Andrew Williams has placed the mail server at the North Shore City Council in jeopardy from being banned worldwide.


Well because he has taken to spamming people all over the country with his unsolicitied view against the Super City. Whaleoil can confirm that many people who hapen to be volunteer office holders in the National Party have been receiving unsolicited emails from [email protected]

It seems that Andrew Williams has obtained their emails from the National party website and is now sending them multiple unwanted emails. One correspondent in the deep south has said that any sympathy she may have had with the way the Super City has been handled has evaporated and now hardened to actually support the concept so long as it means Andrew Williams is nowhere near any lever of power.

My suggestion to any recipient of Andrew Williams unwanted emails is to report him for spam. I do, I click the report spam button everytime I get an email from him.

I would also reccommend that you read the Stop Spam webite and also the Department of Internal Affairs website about Spam.

You can also complain to TelstraClear who are the North Shore City’s ISP. In particular the Terms and Conditions of TelstraClear and their Acceptable Use Policy state;

You agree not to use the Internet services or attempt to use or allow the Internet services to be used :

  • to send unsolicited electronic mail to any person for the purposes of advertising or promoting any organisation (spamming). Spamming is using the Internet’s ability for one person to communicate with many people in a manner that is likely to annoy those internet users. An important component of this is actions that cost other users in misappropriation of their Internet time or their computer resources. Examples include:
    • The sending of unsolicited email
    • The sending of mass commercial e-mail
    • Posting chain letters or pyramid scheme letters
    • Email harassment of other Internet users.

If you encounter an incidence of ‘abuse’ by a Clearnet customer, please notify us using the e-mail address [email protected]. We will investigate it and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Andrew Williams needs to learn a lesson. Give him that lesson if you are being spammed by this fool.