Worth blames media instead of himself

Worth blames media for Key ‘ticking off’Internal Affairs Minister Richard Worth has blamed news media “misreporting” for him again being ticked off by Prime Minister John Key. Mr Key reprimanded Dr Worth after the minister went to India on a private visit and promoted… [NZ Herald Politics]

Richard Worth is showing how worthless he is to national right now. Instead of being a team player he is showing us just how venal and self interested he is. It isn’t all about him and it is time for John Key to pull the plug on this veteran feather-bedder and justice avoider before it gets real messy.

He shows how out of touch he is by now blaming the media for his predicament when he only has himself to blame. So far only India has come up, yet I am told by several of my snitches that Korea would be a far more fruitful area for journalists to be looking at.

What is also interesting is the mention on his Wikipedia page and on his Parliamentary page of his rank as Captain in the Naval Reserves. i wonder why he finished up?