Worth-less must go

Worthless OriginalWorth under spotlight again (2.02)The behaviour of the Internal Affairs Minister is again under the spotlight again [TVNZ News Politics]

National MP Worth’s judgement questioned again over Sandhu affair – TV3

Minister’s judgment questioned after visit to taxi driver- NZ Herald

Those are the headlines about a dead man walking, Richard Worth, likely to be the first minister sacked by John Key. Richard Worth has shown an incredible lack of judgement lately and just hasn’t learned from his behaviour. Instead of keeping a low profile he went and stuck his head into something that should not have concerned him, worse he lied about it. It is the lying that should get him sacked.

Mr Worth’s office told Campbell Live yesterday that he had met the father – an Auckland millionaire business owner – a few times over the past 20 years.

The office clarified later that it was something more like several times in the last five years.

However, 3 News understands they have met in recent months.

That is polite-news-speak for he fucking lied. You can’t trust a liar. Ever. He must be sacked.

The sad thing is that Labour will probably claim a scalp, but the reality is that the scalp should go to Cactus Kate and an assist to myself for drawing the media and Labour’s attention to the incredibly stupid occurence of Richard Worth at the victims house.

Inevitably questions will get around to what he actually said to the family, did he make an approach on behalf of one of the alleged attackers. Even if he didn’t it could be preceived that he did and in politics perception IS reality.

Richard Worth seems to exist in a kind of la-la land where he thinks only of himself, that makes him appear to be venal. Again, perception is realtiy.

John Key can’t brush this fool under the carpet any longer. Instead of John Key’s successful trip to China being discussed in the news it is the ineptness of a dull Minister who seems incapable of learning the simplest of political lessons.