Yet another victim to Silly First Name Syndrome

When will our country learn?

We have learned of yet another victim of Silly First Name Syndrome. The toll rises daily.

An Auckland student has appeared in court charged with assaulting an elderly van driver who died in hospital this afternoon.

78-year-old Te Atatu grandfather Jasmatbhai Patel was allegedly beaten following a minor crash on Carrington Rd, Mt Albert, about 7.50am yesterday.

Mr Patel received critical injuries and was put into an induced coma at Auckland Hospital.

Bio O’Brien, 27, appeared in court briefly today and was charged shortly after news came through of Mr Patel’s death.

No, not the victim, the killer. The victim’s name is probably not silly in India. The killer however does have a Silly First Name and so this tragedy could have been avoided.

Silly First Name seems to be claiming many more victims, as a public service to my loyal readers might I suggest tthat you dis-engage from any contact with people suffering from Silly First Name Syndrome.