A Community Cut in Half – The Truth

Labour’s lies are unravelling over Waterview. They are screeching from the rooftops about it and now have pinkos like David Farrar running their lines on NewstalkZB. he reckons that no-one wants the motorway, which of course a policy wonk from Wellington would say.

Labour’s temporary leader has also posted on Labour’s website under a disingenuous headline “A Community cut in half

Well if Phil Goff actually lived in his electorate then he would know that last year some of his community was cut in half in Mt Roskill. That was ok apparently, but then again his party isn’t desperately trying to win a by-election in Mt Roskill……yet.

Of course his headline and Google map is silly. Just to prove it I’ll show you some other communities cut in half by Motorways. Labour thinks these are ok but try it in a working class area and all of a sudden those house are far too important to bowl.

Remuera – National hard core – motorway cuts community in half.
Arch Hill – Labour voters probably – motorway cuts community in half.
Te Atatu – Labour voting area – motorway cuts community in half.
Hillsborough – Labour electorate – Phil Goff’s own electorate even though he lives in Clevedon – A Community cut in half.
Mangere – A Labour voting Community cut in half
Manurewa – A community cut in half
Conifer Grove – A Community cut in half – This one is interesting as it is about the same size as Waterview.

Get the picture, I can draw silly pictures of “Communties Cut in Half”. Its life in a city, it is what happen if you want to progress.

Labour thinks that we should pay for a tunnel from money we don’t have and all to win a by-election. Labour are lying.

What Phil Goff forgets to tell you is that it isn’t cutting a community in half at all. There is a bloody great creek running through there creating a natural barrier anyway. The Creek is preserved in the plans and so remains, cutting a community in half.