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Cactus Kate is highly pissed with the Qantas Media Awards

You are joking? Kiwiblog (now a primary source of information for the very people who are winning awards at this event), Whaleoil (a primary source of excellent political scandal) or even Public Address (a primary source for the promotion of Russell Brown, bless him) weren’t rated higher than a daft very average adult student librarian who won a competition to write for free on the Stuff site and a girl going through the averageness of a 20 something female who is paid by the Dominion Post to write absolute inane rubbish to a target audience with an average IQ of 12? At least Joanna Hunkin from the Herald had some analysis and soul to her adventures when she was made to do the dumb bimbo act….


Busted Blonde is obviously off her medication and on a bender. Could this be a last hurrah?

The Firearm Blog has a handmade custom 8 bore Boxlock Rifle to dribble over.

MacDoctor has a good piece about Melissa Lee.

Frogblog thinks it is a good idea to waste more than $700,000 per day by continuing the filibuster.

Tumeke thinks they are funny to continue to portray national as the nazi Party. I think it is sick and goes along with their pro-Palestinian stance. There will be no link for holocaust deniers and anti-semites.