Blackwater Candidate Out of Touch and Insensitive

David “Blackwater” Shearer has been campaigning today in Mt Albert with Manukau East MP Ross Robertson. They had a moumental fail by campaigning outside the local public conveniences like a couple of dirty old men trawling for a blowie.

Worse though is David “Blackwater” Shearer’s comments to the media about crime.

He said the big issues for the electorate were the Waterview Connection motorway, the “super-city”, which people didn’t understand, and the economy. Mr Shearer said he did not believe crime was such a big issue, but people did want “strong, safe communities.”

Mr Shearer’s campaign would be “old fashioned”, with a lot of door knocking, he said.

David "Blackwater" ShearerOk, so Shearer is going to campaign on issues people don’t understand and the ones they do understand like crime he dismisses out of hand. As far as he is concerned his “constituents” are thick and don’t understand issues and he is also going to campaign ont he economy which his party successfully tanked months in advance of the global recession. Good luck with that strategy.

Clearly this is a man who has spent so much time out of New Zealand except to fly in and carpet-bag his way through an election campaign every three years he has lost touch with New Zealand. There may well be no crime in the Green Zone in Baghdad surrounded by Blackwater mercenaries acting as his personal bodyguards but the people of Mt Albert know all too well how out of hand crime has become for them.

“Blackwater” Shearer is so out touch that it is a joke.