"Blackwater" Shearer insults all people of faith

I wonder where the MSM is on the issue of David “Blackwater” Shearer insulting all people of faith with his comments in the NZ Herald which ran a hagiography of the parachute pro-meercenary Labour candidate David Shearer.

“I’ve seen organised religion justify horrors and that goes from Buddhist through to Christian to obviously the Muslim and Hindu and everything else.”

And this after he insulted all immigrants with his crime statements. Strangly he hasn’t copped the flogging that sexy Korean born Melissa Lee has. Is this because of the inherent misogyny of the media and the left wing or just plain bias.

I wonder what the media coverage would have been if Melissa Lee had just insulted every person of religion from Christian to Muslims, from Hindu to Buddhist in one short sentence.

Predictably the Kiwi Party is upset and not without cause. It seems that it is ok to be sexists, racist and anti-relligionist but state the obvious about crime with no mention of race and ll of a sudden you get slaughtered with Sarah Palin like proportions by our lefty media.

I wonder what his good friends in Hamas would think of these comments. I wonder what his pals in Fatah who helped him organise Phil Goff’s visit to see the ailing Yasser Arafat think about “Blackwater” Shearer now.