Bob Harvey then….and now

Dear readers, don’t fall for the claptrap that the Mayors who are opposed to the government’s supercity plans are holier than thou defenders of democracy.

We already know about Andrew Williams’ shouting and abuse in council meetings, but while that’s indicative of a personal problem, it’s not necessarily a hypocritical action in itself.

But what about crusty old “Browneye” Bob Harvey?

Nowadays, Harvey sells himself as the great hero of the Auckland region – the great Gandhi of Auckland democracy who is prepared to wage war on the government, wants to sue the government to stop them, and is describing government plans for local boards as nonsense.

Yet, Bob Harvey’s own record on supercity amalgamations in the past have been anything but democratic.

In 2006, Harvey conspired in secret with Dick Hubbard, George Wood of North Shore, and Sir Barry Curtis to launch a smash and grab operation on the ARC and divide up the assets therein.

The plan was so poorly planned and thought through that Harvey and co wanted to suspend the right for Aucklanders to vote for a year or two until his new plans could be bedded in.

Then, Harvey argued against a referendum on his plans because he said “it would slow the process down”, and even said it would “create uncertainty and could potentially derail the process”

Brian Rudman has the history of what was the dumbest, dorkiest and deadest attempted coup in Auckland history here.

Bob Harvey was so consumed with his importance in the Auckland region that he invited Michael Cullen to appoint him as the Auckland ambassador to Wellington. God be praised Cullen never got around to that!

So back in 2006, Bob Harvey was prepared to steal your right to vote in order to implement his plans for Auckland. Now, he’s claiming to be some kind of regional Gandhi….

…I’ll let you, oh dear reader, to decide for yourself the kind of politician old Browneye Bob really is.