Brash unhappy over email probe result

Brash unhappy over email probe resultFormer National Party leader Don Brash says the police file into who stole his emails sheds no light on who was responsible. [Stuff Politics]

The whole saga over the Police investigation into the theft of Don brash’s emails smells like a barrel of rotten scampi.

The police have all of a sudden released the file but with large amounts of the file blanked out. Don Brash isn’t even in parliament anymore so there can be no valid reason as to why the police are keeping secrets about their investigation.

Why on earth are the Police continuing to keep secrets unless they have identified someone who is the target of an ongoing police investigation or operation. If this is the case then it shows just how serious the security breaches were in parliament at the time.

What is also clear is that the police are playing silly buggers with the Ombudsman’s Office. They are also keeping secrets about the secrets.

This whole episode needs the disinfectant of sunlight applied to it lest stupid conspiracy theories develop over why it is that the Police are keeping secrets and the Ombudsman’s office is keeping secrets about the secrets.