Bullshit about Waterview – Exposed

Following on from my post about Labour’s Lies about “Cutting a Community in Half”

Liberty Scott has a great post on the various bullshit stroies flowing around about Waterview. Both Left and Right cop a flogging though the left cops more because their lies are more outrageous.

I still fail to see how Labour can justify the spending of more than a billion dollars more on this link. A billion we don’t have, might I add after Cullen blew the lot on a rusty old train set, and lied about the books to hide the red ink at ACC.

The fact that Trevor Mallard has to beat up on a successful Asian Woman also speaks volumes about their parachute candidate, David “Blackwater” Shearer who can’t seem to get any recognition or even fight his own battles. But then that is to be expected from someone who would prefer mercenaries to the fighting in the first place.