Carbon free sugar?

This “climate change” bollocks is really getting stupid.

In the US now you can buy “Carbon-Free Sugar”…..uhmmmm…actually you can’t but that is how they are selling it. Oh wait…it is Certified Carbon Fee Suger….it gets even more foolish.

Why is this just complete bollocks?

Those of you who remember their basic high school chemistry might remember this simple and indelible truth: sugar contains carbon.

There is no getting around that. Don’t believe me? Try frying up some sugar in  a sauce pan and watch the results. Or just pick up a used mass spectrograph on Ebay and run an analysis.

Or just consult any number of chemical handbooks. Sucrose is common table sugar (as pictured in the bag) and has the chemical formula:  C12H22O11

Looks like twelve atoms of carbon combined with eleven molecules of H2O doesn’t it? That’s why it is called (drum roll please) a carbohydrate.

Right, so carbon free it ain’t. But the problem with “Certified Carbon Free Sugar” is worse than just the product itself.

Eating and digesting sugar turns it into water and carbon dioxide that we exhale, so for it to be truly “carbon free” as the label says, we have to get those twelve molecules of Carbon out.  So how do they get the carbon out of that sucrose anyway? It’s really easy, all we need is a catalyst.

Reacting sucrose with sulfuric acid (H2SO4) dehydrates the sucrose and forms the element carbon, as demonstrated in the following chemical equation:

C12H22O11 + H2SO4 (as catalyst) → 12 C + 11 H2O

So assuming they get the acid out of the mix, we are left with some pure carbon and a bunch of water.  Yummm! Perfect for cereal in the morning.

This shows just how completely bollocks the whole Carbon is Evil argument is.