Catching Dirty Stinking Rats

Dirty Rat SpyFor those of you who don’t know Clinton Smith was Steve Pierson at the Labour/EPMU funded offshre lap-blog The Standard.

They made no bones about attacking anyone and everyone from the right. Well Clinton/Steve went and got himself a job after the election.  Now you might say so what but it is the where that is the problem.

You see he went and got a job at the Parliamentary Library.

Now staff at the Parliamentary Library are supposed to be non-partisan, neutral and very bookish and essentially policy wonk types. What they are not allowed to be wrking there are partisan hacks. Now Clinton/Steve ostensibly doesn’t post at The Standard anymore, but how can we really know that. As soon as he dropped off the posts all of a sudden posts started appearing in the same writing style under Guest Post and The Standard and now there are at 4 other pseudonyms that have popped up including strangely about 5 minutes after Tane dropped out too.

It is really too much to believe that their most prolific bloggers aren’t blogging anymore.

The worst part about all of this though is that Clinton Smith aka Steve Pierson now works essentially for The Speaker, Lockwood Smith, but here is what he has had to say about LockWood Smith in the past;

Under the headline Did Lockwood Mis-speak too? He accuses Lockwood Smith of lying and hiding a secret agenda which we all know hasn’t happed.

He calls Lockwood Smith an “egomaniac” just days before going to work for him.

In a post titled “Green laffs” he highlights comments made by Russel Norman about “Lockwood’s feet are so small he can fit them in his mouth”.

He mocks Lockwood Smith’s education proposals around PPP’s comparing them to creating sweat shops.

Calls Lockwood Smith a bigot.

He accuses Lockwood Smith of lying.

Lockwood Smith believes that every time he lies about migration numbers and offers no solution to this ‘crisis’ he will not be held to account.

He calls Lockwood Smith “racist” and Bill English “homophobic”.

I think you can get the pattern of his behaviour, and yet he thinks he can waltz in to the Parliamentary Library and think that his past won’t or can’t catch up with him.

There is no way that he can continue to work for Lockwood Smith as Speaker when it is clear for all the world to see through the wonders of search engines just exactly what he thinks of his “boss”.

What stuns me is the lacksadaisical hiring processes that seem to be in place at Parliament. He should never have even got an interview let alone the job with such obvious and blatent hackery and bias. No single National, Act or Maori Party MP can expect impartial treatment from the Parliamentary Library while such a hack exists within its ranks. The Parliamentary Service has been corrupted.