Changes to Commenting System

My comments facility has had some changes. Disqus now enables you to sign in with your Twitter userid and the mini-profiles has been extended.


  • Tweeting comments is the ability in which commenters are able to tweet out every time they leave a comment, with a link back to the article. Disqus is now using Twitter’s OAuth support for tweeting comments. You may now securely use Twitter with Disqus without entering in your password.

    If you’ve added your Twitter credentials beforehand, you’ll just need just reauthorize using OAuth here:
  • When replying to a comment, you will now see this reply format show up on twitter.
    Example Tweet: RE: @fredwilson I saw Marcy contribute to the thread and I think that’s awesome! Also… this is a semi-worthless comment…


The new mini-profiles works like this: when you hover over the avatar of any commenter, you’ll see the user’s Disqus status (ie. guest, registered, or verified), a few social network links with the option to see more, and an expand button that opens a pop-up with more profile information.