Clark begged to have Sir Roger back

The Budget, according to Sir RogerLike the Denny Crane of New Zealand politics, Sir Roger Douglas sits in his 11th-floor office and flicks between brazen, brilliant and off-beat. As with the Boston Legal character, Sir Roger’s high points are largely behind him,… [NZ Herald Politics]

Patrick Gower has two good articles in the Herald today, both about Sir Roger Douglas.

The more interesting is the one about Helen Clark begging Sir Roger to come back into cabinet. This is interesting because now the wicked witch is dead people seem no longer to be afraid of her and her revenge. The stories are starting to come out.

So, Sir Roger reckons that Clark came to his house to beg her forgiveness and have him back in cabinet. This is quite different from the story Clark has told over the years.

I wonder what else is bullshit from Clark’s re-writing of history.