Cool Tech

WolframAlpha is live, I’ve had a play and it is somewhat useful. I am sure I will work out how useful in due course. A Google killer it ain’t though.

The US Army has been using wireless apps in Iraq delivered to the troops using iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The reason?

“…ideal for the age of “network centric warfare”, relatively easy to use, safe with secure software, and far cheaper than manufacturing a military version.”

You can get a £24,495 solid platinum iPhone 3G.

Perhaps our prison service could utilise these little wonders. Tiny “Smart Dew” sensors promise a low-cost security solution can be scattered outdoors on rocks, fence posts and doorways, or even indoors on the floor of a bank to serve as invisible security guards with each individual “dew droplet” capable of detecting an intrusion within a parameter of 50 meters. Dozens, hundreds and even thousands of these Smart Dew sensors – each equipped with a controller and RF transmitter/receiver – can also be wirelessly networked to detect different conditions like the the difference between man, animal, car and truck