"Crusher" Collins delivers

Boy racers’ cars to be seized, destroyedCar owners with overdue traffic fines will be caught up in the crackdown on boy racers, with the Government announcing legislation that would allow their cars to be seized and sold. [Stuff Politics]

Judith “Crusher” Collins has delivered with the Government announcing the introduction of car crushing legislation.

Under the legislation:

* A new penalty for illegal street racing would allow vehicles to be seized and destroyed;

* Vehicles used by people with overdue traffic fines can be seized and sold to pay those fines;

* Local authorities will be able to create bylaws prevent vehicles repeatedly “cruising” city streets;

* Vehicles involved in illegal street racing will be impounded;

* Demerit points will be given for noise offences, licence breaches and registration plate officers. Repeat offenders will lose their licences rather than just accrue fines.

Good job, but I think we can also make a bit on the side to offset costs and reducing government debt by auctioning off the right to wreck cars. You could even create a franchise situation kind of like the reverse of VTNZ. It would be ideal for stag parties, taking out day to day frustrations etc.