Democracy Under Attack

Demcoracy Under Attack



Govt taking advice on folic acid in breadPrime Minister John Key said the Government was taking advice on forcing bakers and supermarkets to add folic acid to bread. The issue would be taken to Cabinet by the end of the month and would take into account a market research… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Labour/EPMU funded offshore lap-blog The Standard has been shrilly screaming about Democracy being under attack with the Super City reforms that National and ACT have underway.

It is silly of course when you look at the history of Labour’s own anti-democratic assaults against the populace.

We have had the removal of the Privy Council, no referendum on that was there, surely that was an assault against democracy?

Keeping Stock notes some of the anti-democratic machinations of the Labour Party.

They ignored a petition against the anti-smacking legislation.

The Electoral Finance Act was our greates affront to democracy and they rammed that through under urgency. That very definately was an attack against democracy.

Finally wee get to the ultimate Attack against Democracy. The forcing of Bakers to add Folic acid to bread in order to mass medicate the populace. This law wasn’t even put through the parliament. our democratic right to choose what we put into our own bodies was abrogated by a power hungry nanny state governemtn and Annette King who didnt even want any debate so they slid it through via the back entrance.

Labour mouthpieces know nothing about Democracy under Attack. Yet again they show just exactly how out of touch they are. The really stupid thing is that Labour actually supports a Super City, they set up the Royal Commission, they stacked it with their cronies and the Commission recommended a Unitary Council. So why the opposition? They are picking the wrong battles to die in the ditch for.