Dissembling Entitlements

We hear constantly usually from leftists that National is going to cut “entitlements”. National of course says that they won’t but I am getting mighty sick of hearing about things like welfare, and that include Superannuation, described as entitlements.

Times are tough. There is no such thing as an “entitlement”. Use of such a word to describe the largesse of the taxpayer is profodly misleading.

Wikipedia describes “Entitlements” thus;

Entitlement is a guarantee of access to benefits because of rights, or by agreement through law. It also refers, in a more casual sense to someone’s belief that one is deserving of some particular reward or benefit.[1] It is often used as a pejorative term in popular parlance (i.e. a ‘sense of entitlement’).

This is of course a complete fallacy that any social security programme is an entitlement. In the true sense of the word. With this usage what we are looking at the full emergence of a Culture of Entitlement. Again from Wikipedia we can see that, indeed New Zealand has a fully developed culture of Entitlement;

A Culture of entitlement is an expression meant to encapsulate the social norm whereby a society comes to expect government entitlement programs to correct inequalities in employment opportunities, access to adequate health care, or any other inequity caused by bias in access to things that are perceived by the common public as basic human right.

This is where this country is deeply and almost irreparably broken. We simply cannot continue to say that peoples “entitlements” are protected. It is farcical to suggest than even a fraction of our “entitlements can even be paid for. They are therefore hardly entitlements more like liabilities that is mortgaging our future against the ne’er-do-wells of today. This is unsustainable.

This country needs to cut its cloth according to its income lest become the Iceland of the South Pacific.

To me “entitlements” should be about things like the freedom to conduct business, the environment that rewards endeavour, safe and secure society. Let us hear no more about “entitlements” being the gifting of other peoples money to the undeserving.