Due diligence on Super City agency frontrunner

Due diligence on Super City agency frontrunnerMark Ford, chief executive of the region’s water wholesaler Watercare Services, is the frontrunner to chair the agency to design Auckland’s Super City. The appointment of the five-member Auckland Transition Agency was put on hold… [NZ Herald Politics]

There are some questions being raised about the suitability of Mark Ford to head up the transition team for the Super City.

Firstly there is the conflict of interest issue with being the head of Watercare, which is likely to take over the other water providers in the Super City then there are some other intriguing questions about this man and some of his business practices and connections.

You may have also seen that Bob Harvey has come out in support of Mark Ford in recent days, basically saying he is a good man for the job. Well someone ought to ask Mr Harvey; and Watercare;

  • Why it is that in about the year 2000 Watercare bought several hundred books written by Mr Harvey?
  • What did they do with those books?
  • Are they still sitting in boxes in the company’s basement?
  • And did Watercare buy any of Mr Harvey’s books in the past 5 years?

Yes there appears to be further intriguing questions that one may want to ask Mr Ford. This blog will keep you posted.