Little ginger twat Darren Hughes and the hirsute but dim Fran Mold have collaborated in a beatup about a non story.

They both claim that National’s selection is a jackup….except that belies the reason why 60 people are out there now voting.

It also shows as just how inept and ill-informed about party selection processes the MSM is. Ele at Homepaddpock tells a different story to the one Little Ginga Dazza and One News are trying to beat up.

But it’s the paper that’s got it wrong. I’ve got a copy of the official programme and it says:

Address by Mt Albert’s List MP Melissa Lee.

Note the difference between Mount Albert candidate which she may or may not be after tonight’s selection, and Mount Albert’s list MP which she is.

The programme notes her position as buddy MP for the electorate which isn’t represented by National, it’s not second guessing the selection process.

And as she breathlessly through her moustache told the nation about the jack-up that isn’t, Fran Mold actually read out the words “Mt Albert List MP” from the National Party papers she had “obtained”, shooting off her foot in the process!

That’s Fran Mold and anyone from NZPA on the cheap drinks in the BlogMobile.