Edwards agitating and re-writing history

Helen Clark’s hagiographer and confidante has taken the divisive Mt Albert Labour candidate selection campaign online with a post about the machinations of the undemocratic Labour Party selection process and at the same time he re-writes a piece of history.

Check out what this veteran revisionist fool is saying about his selection in Miramar in 1972.

Norman Kirk was firmly opposed to my selection as Labour candidate for Miramar in 1972. I had committed the twin sins of being a television personality and an academic. The party hierarchy were well aware of the boss’s views and there was strong resistance from Head Office to my candidacy. The effect was merely to make the local electorate people more determined and I won the nomination.

[As it turned out, Kirk was right.  The ’72 election produced a Labour landslide, but the candidate for Miramar failed to win the seat.]

It is widely known that Kirk considered that Edwards was a dangerous selection because in those more morally conservative times he had some scandal about a divorce or some such, it was on the front page of truth before the election. Back then it would have been scandal now we really don’t gie a toss.

But it is there in that short paragraph he besmirches Kirk’s reputation by claiming Kirk was against him because he was an academic. This simply isn’t true. In that same year they selected Dr Michael Bassett. Further he claims that being a television performer also handicapped him, again this isn’t strictly true because to have a candidate well known was a distinct advantage.
Brian Edwards is a piece of work, revising history and telling his story. He by his own performance lost a winnable seat during a Labour Landslide no less. Miramar was also a seat once held by Labour luminary Bob Semple and current Labour deputy Annette King and in the life of 17 elections had only been held by National for 6 of those, 18 years out of 51. Now years later he smears a good man like Big Norm, a real Labour person who bloody well worked on the Devonport ferry shovelling coal into the boilers while this privileged effete snob was pissing it up at Queens University in  Belfast.