Est?s loquito

So, the governemt wants to “invest” $36 million to give the local biodiesel industry a boost with a $36 million subsidy over the next three years.

This is a complete and unadulterated waste of time.

So called experts have waxed lyrival about being self sufficient for transport diesel in just a few years. They are unmitigated disingenuous tossers. New Zealand will never be self reliant on local “home grown” biodiesel. When I say never, I mean never.

Put simply the “industry” is not viable now, it wasn’t 5 years ago and it never will be viable without a subsidy of some sort. Any business model that requires subsidies to work are at risk. No sane person would invest as at any time due to international, internal or just plain meddling those subsidies evaporate.

The only way I could get a business model to work for the production of biodiesel in New Zealand was to have subsidies and/or carbon credits. It is simply bogus.

Oh and if anyone asks I can show you the extensive feasibility reports that I wrote about it and still stand by. It is simply not possible to make any money at biodiesel.

The second problem that all the boffins in their cocooned worlds never seem to mention is the unviability and unavailibility of any suitable feedstocks in anywhere near the quantities required to make even just Dunedin let alone the whole country self sufficient in biodiesel.

I’m of a mind to go and apply for some of this loot and then simply dump all the boxes of documents on Gerry’s doorstep and say thanks for the hooter.

While we are talking about bio-fuels and investing, if that is what you can call pissing #36 million down the drain, in renewable energy it might pay to have a good look at Spain as an example of where all this crap leads to.

I can sure as hell think of a thousand better things to spend $36 million than the ego of a mad scotsman in East Tamaki.