Finally someone who sees sense with Fiji

Bainimarama deserves hearing, Turia saysMaori Party co-leader Tariana Turia wants to send a delegation to Fiji to meet military Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, saying she believes he has good intentions in proposing electoral reform and deserves a hearing. She has… [NZ Herald Politics]

Tariana Turia continues to impress me and today her calls for a delegation to go and talk with Commodore Bainimarama rather than wagging fingers is the first sensible thing I have seen out of this government or the last on Fiji.

Of course it should be noted that a Maori caused this whole problem in the first place. Sir Paul Reeves was one of the authros of the appallingly written racist constitution that is the source of most of the issues.

Turia also alluded to our hypocrisy in dealing with Fiji when we go and seek FTA’s with China, Thailand etc.

She later told the Herald: “We have felt that there may be a better way forward. I know from people in Fiji who have spoken to me in the last year that [Commodore Bainimarama’s] intention was good. So we’ve got ourselves all locked up in this notion of democracy but we don’t expect it of other trading partners.”

Good stuff Tariana, good stuff. Finally we have someone prepared to look at a different way foraward with Fiji.

Meanwhile Fiji has laid the blame for unreasonable deadlines firmly at the doors of Australia and New Zealand. We can and should be doing more to assist Fiji in its return to democracy. Sanctions and boycotts are spectacularly unsuccessful everywhere they are used so another way should be found.