Former Labour MP in theft scandal

Richard NortheyToday was the opening of Sam Lotu Iiga’s electorate office in Onehunga Mall.

Many local dignatories were invited including Sam’s Auckland City Council colleagues from all sides. Amongst the attendees was Cr. Richard Northey ONZM, current city councillor and former Labour Party MP. His official CV lists his party affliation as Labour Party and he is the current leader of the Labour/Greens amalgamation called City Vision.

Richard Northey’s wikipedia page and his CV confirm a lifetime of sucking from the public trough. Today though his actions were despicable. He has been caught up to his trotters in someone elses pen.

As an invited guest of Sam Lotu Iiga and indeed as a former member of parliament for Onehunga he should have conducted himself with decorum, instead he conducted himself little better than a common thief.

After the office opening Cr. Northey decided that he would avail himself of the facilities inside and while in there wandered around rifling through papers and drawers as well as opening and reading the appointments book flicking through almost all of the pages, not only that it is the understanding of this blogger that he also pocketed some papers.

There is more to come on this, as investigations continue, but I am reliably informed that Cr. Northey was witnessed by no less than 5 people conducting himself on his ransack of the office and was challenged by at least one of those present.

As more details come to hand I will keep you informed.

At this point though there is more than enough evidence for this blogger to call for his immediate resignation from the council, any committees he sits on and the leadership of City Vision.

Until more information comes to hand I will not be calling for the removal of his ONZM, though I do point out that the ONZM is awarded for;

“for those persons who in any field of endeavour, have rendered meritorious service to the Crown and nation or who have become distinguished by their eminence, talents, contributions or other merits.”

I fail to see though how rummaging and turning over an MP’s office could be considered meritorious service to the Crown nor eminent (common thieves are hardly eminent), talented (he got rumbled) or contributing (he nicked some papers) and it certainly lacks merit.