Goff backs calls for Commission of Inquiry into Brash Emails

Just received this PR;

Prime Minister John Key must put an end once and for all to years of speculation surrounding the source of the leaked Don Brash emails.

The emails were leaked to Nicky Hager and formed the basis of the book the Hollow Men.

“John Key opened the prospect of a Prime Ministerial investigation at this week’s post-Cabinet press conference. I ask him to make good on that,” Phil Goff said.

“There has been much rumour and innuendo, mostly from National Party sources, about who leaked the emails. John Key now has the opportunity to end this speculation.

“One of the quickest ways John Key can do this is to ask the police to release the unedited file of its investigation.

“Labour would welcome that. We have said from the outset that we had no knowledge of where the emails came from. We would like to know as much as anyone else who was responsible for the leaks.

“Theories have ranged from hackers targeting Don Brash’s computer to National Party insiders trying to undermine his leadership,” Phil Goff said.

“Labour is calling for openness and transparency. John Key should ask the Police to release the information on this case in its entirety.”