Goff reshuffles Labour caucus

Goff reshuffles Labour caucusLabour has announced a caucus reshuffle just five months into its time as opposition [TVNZ News Politics]

Phil Goff has reshuffled his ill-performing caucus. DPF has a summary of the substantive moves but what I am interested in are the moves of George Hawkins and Shane Jones.

Both of these moves signal the move withoin Labour to the right and against women anmd Maori women in particular.

It also shows that Phil Goff is about to go soft ont he SuperCity proposals.

Firstly lets look at Shane Jones, he has tipped Nanaia Mahuta, one of the few in labour’s Maori caucus to actually hold her seat against the onslaught of the Maori Party. She has been seriously demoted and her portfolios have been reallocated to Shane Jones and a coiuple of whitey good ole boys.

Trevor Mallard has been promoted into her position on the front bench and so a young female maori performer gets tha arse in favout of a bully, and a life long trough snuffler.

George Hawkins meanwhile is the go to man for Phil Goff on Local Government issues and Local Government is where it is all happening right now. The veteran old plonker is on the right of Labour and has dogmatically hung in there depsite numerous attacks on him both within and without the Labour Party. Phil Goff must know something we don’t in having picked George Hawkins for this key role considering the action happening with the Super City.

Wow, Goff is either a genius or simply re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.