Goff's mate flies in to grab Labour nomination

Goff’s mate flies in to grab Labour nominationLabour is gambling on an international high flier holding on to Helen Clark’s Mt Albert seat as National’s prolonged honeymoon threatens an upset in the formerly safe seat. [Stuff Politics]

Pity the main stream media can’t get their basic facts right.

Labour intends to lean heavily on Mr Shearer’s international credentials but National has already singled him out for attention, dredging up an academic paper in which Mr Shearer suggested the UN should hire mercenaries in some war zones.

Labour claims it was the work of a National Party dirty-tricks brigade.

“I would pit David Shearer’s work on behalf of humanity, putting his life at risk, winning a medal for saving refugee kids, against [Prime Minister] John Key and any one of National’s dirty-tricks brigade,” Mr Goff said.

Right let’s get some ground rules operating for this by-election. Anyone not crediting the true source of stories will only get the most low budget cocktails in the blogmobile with the top shelf reserved for journalists that acknowledge sources properly. Michael Field and Tracy Watkins are now on the low budget plan.

Goff also misses the point, it can hardly be dirty tricks when a) it is all true and b) Mr Shearer stands by his comments.

Of course never mind that National had nothing to do with it in the first place.