Hager is Liar

Political activist and friend of the English family Nicky Hager (I’m never gonna call him a “journalist”, “researcher” or “author” because all he ever does is promote the political interests of the extreme left and the English family) has attacked Don Brash in an interview with an AUT journalism student.  As usual, it is a pack of lies. It deserves a good old fisking. Here goes.

Hager responds to police cover-up allegations
Friday, 22 May 2009, 10:32 am
Article: Amanda Fisher – AUT

Bullshit. Hager was quoted in the media yesterday, within hours of Brash going public with this issue. Plus Tracey Watkins at the Dom-Post was clearly trying to contact him but he didn’t return his calls:
Plus RNZ was quoting him yesterday.

So it’s a lie that no one other than TV3 had approached him.

Author Nicky Hager is frustrated he has not had the opportunity to publicly respond to Don Brash’s contentions the police investigation into the leak of over 400 of his emails was compromised by political interference.

Mr Hager said he had not been approached by anyone other than TV3 – who were unable to make contact with him – to ask for a response to Dr Brash’s claims.

“It’s really amazing…they [Brash’s supporters] were defaming me and punishing me for what I did to them and no [journalist] rang me to check they were on the right track.”

No one was defaming Nicky Hager or even talking about him. No one is accusing nicky Hager of being a burglar, the worst he could possibly be accused of is receiving stolen goods and proceeds of crime. Everyone has been talking about who stole the emails and then gave them to Nicky Hager. Don Brash said yesterday he didn’t even want his inquiry to look into who stole the emails – just how thorough the police were. It’s not about you Nicky. Rest easy, no one is saying you’re a burglar.

Also, since when do journalists have to ring Nicky Hager to check they’re on the right track? Who the fuck does he think he is? The censorship board?

It’s only your comments that are “really amazing” dipshit.

Mr Hager refuted Dr Brash’s accusation that he had used information acquired from a break-in at the house of supporter Diane Foreman.

“Why would I want to have anything to do with an old man’s mistress? It’s so ridiculous.”

Well Nicky, seeing you say you didn’t steal the emails but someone else did and gave them to you, how do you know they didn’t come from a break-in at Diane Foreman’s house????

Don and Diane say there is material in the book that could only have come from information taken or seen in the burglary. They would know better than you, cunt, because they know about the burglary and what was in the house – and you don’t know where the info came from, remember?

Why would you be interested in “an old man’s mistress”? Well maybe because she was Vice Chairman of the Business Roundtable and therefore one of those you reckon was trying to buy an election … and that you wrote a book about, remember?

The latest bout of attention surrounding the case was a result of National Party public relations work and not because the censorship of the police file had genuine news value, he said.

“It wasn’t journalists that pursued this, it was a PR guy.”

Nicky may not believe this but the National Party PR machine was pissed off about Brash’s move yesterday. They worry it was an inside job so they don’t want anyone talking about this if they can help it.

It wasn’t journalists? Who is Guyon Espiner? Who is Fran O’Sullivan? Who is Tracey Watkins?
And since when are only journalists allowed to pursue issues anyhow? In that case, better stop writing books, dickhead.

Prime Minister John Key told The Dominion Post on May 19 that he had questioned National members who had been a speculated source of the leaked emails, and all had reassured him of their loyalty.

This followed Dr Brash’s recent claims that the censored version of the police investigation into the leaked emails, which comprised the basis of Hager’s The Hollow Men which ultimately derailed Dr Brash’s political career, was a political cover-up.

Dr Brash told TV3 the police inquiry had been a joke, and anything of interest in the file had been censored.

Mr Hager said police censorship of OIA-requested material was not unusual. A fuller police disclosure would further clear him of any wrong-doing.

How do you know? Have you seen the secret file? And no one is accusing you of wrongdoing anyhow. You received stolen property, maybe, and wrote a book.

“The police are really terrible under the Official Information Act. This is quite normal for them. I wish they’d release more.”

Tell them to release your interview notes then.

There were various reasons for the censorship and, though complete investigation files had previously been released in high-profile investigations, “there are lots of other police cases where they don’t release information”, Mr Hager said.

Bullshit. Name them. Usually they have to release their file to the accused.

The police were not at liberty to release the parts of the file which contained information he had given them, he said.

So it’s YOU telling the cops they can’t release the file is it? Fearless crusader for disclosure that you are. What about if someone breaks into the copshop, gives the file to Ian Wishart? Is he allowed to write a book about it? Or is that only you?

“I spoke to them on the basis of confidentiality so of course they are not going to release that.”
What have you got to hide?

Don Brash talked to lots of people “on the basis of confidentiality” and you wrote a book about it. Why are you so special?

Other parts of the file would not be released in order to protect parliamentary security and procedures, he said.

How do you know? Seen the file have you?

Mr Hager was satisfied the police investigation had established the emails were leaked rather than stolen as much as was possible.

That’s a lie. The police press release makes clear they think there was a theft and that the emails were stolen. Liar, liar pants on fire.

“You can’t prove a negative. They can’t prove I didn’t break in.

Again, no one says you did. Only you seems to rave on about this.

“It’s complete stupidity – for the first 2 years they [Brash’s supporters] went on about how someone had obviously hacked into Don Brash’s computer.
“They had to move on because it just wasn’t tenable.”

Brash supporters don’t know how the emails were stolen, whether through hacking or other illegal tacking so fuck off. If you got them from someone else, how do you know how they got them? You don’t know if they were stolen or hacked – or do you?

Wellington field crime manager Detective Inspector Shane Cotter said the police would not be making any further comment in regards to the case.

“We’ve released the information and that’s it, there won’t be any comments from the police around that.”

Um, you haven’t released the information, all you’ve released is blank fricken pages.

Amanda Fisher is a journalism student at AUT

D- for you Amanda.