Herald hatchet job misses mark

For months now both Labour and their lickspittles in CityVision including Richard “Watergate” northey have been hounding Sam Lotu-Iiga about his attendence at council meetings.

They have clearly been whispering in the ears of Herald on Sunday repeaters and so they have conducted a little survey of councillors around the region.

Strangley in their little hatchet job there is no mention of Sam Loti-Iiga. That is probably because his attendence rate is over 84%, far higher than any of the whining lefty twats who have been so nasty towards Sam because he had teh temerity to dbeat them in a fair election.

I doubt we will hear any squeaks from the left about Sam for the forseeable future lest some affadavits see the light day.

Of course they couldn’t get Sam so the HoS continued their vicious campaign of innuendo onto Christine Rankin yet again. Despite her Chairman Mike Lee praising her work level.

Bizzarely Andrew William’s, the mad mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay, has attacked the Herald repeater instead of simply refering on the inquiry to the appropriate level. Clearly the repeater gave him the call after 10am. Everyone knows that to et a sensible answer out of Andre Williams you need to call before 10am, or at the latest before the sun is over the yardarm.