Is this the man behind the Brash email thefts?

Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara

Could this man be one of the people who plundered National’s e-mails and later fed some of them to Nicky Hager? Of course we can’t possibly know because the Police with the assistance of the Ombudsman’s Office is keeping secrets about the secrets of who secretly stole the emails. The only possible explanation for keeping those secrets is because of other ongoing Police Operations or Investigations. If that is the case then the police should just say so instead of trying to hide and obfuscate. With some research across the internet and by joining dots, one has to ask, is this man one of those responsible and is the reason why the police are suppressing the information because of ongoing separate investigations?

According to news reports, which formed part of the affidavit presented by police in court on the so-called terror accused: In the background to the affidavit, police say one trainee using the codename [email protected] hacked into the National Party website in 2004.

It is understood Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara, 38, of Manurewa is the one known as ?Blackmask’ – linked to the cyber attacks on the National & Act Party websites in 2004.

Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara is allegedly the ?master at arms’ of the Uruwera 17. He faces arms charges. His image (photos of him) are suppressed although a Google search can find his image. To date no-one can officially link the name and his alias’.

He is the IT Manager for Kingston Strategic. Kingston Strategic has had contracts with MED on digital strategy and Internal Affairs to establish the CommunityNet website and the Flaxroots technology conferences. At this stage it is unknown how many other Government Contracts his firm has worked on – or if he has ever worked for Axon under an other name apart from Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara. Axon have categorically denied he has worked for them when known as Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara. Trevor Loudon has an interesting profile of this fellow.

Note about Kingston Strategic: The Chief executive is Ross Himona, who once wrote of Don Brash: ?I’ve seen and experienced a lot of racism in my 62 years, but never such a full-on poll driven cynical assault. And I realised just yesterday that my own overwhelming response is fear as well. I realised that I’m frightened about the consequences of that policy, and of the choices I might have to make that I don’t want to make, if they try to implement it.’

Rangikaiwhiria Kemara Bio:

IT Manager – Kingston Strategic

Rangi contracts to the company and looks after our IT. He builds great websites and is a network and internet security whiz. He also looks after client secure data backup services. Rangi calls on a wide range of contacts for services from specialist network administration to graphic artistry. Web Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in network, webserver and web-scripting security.

Remote data backups, network intrusion protection systems, advanced webserver security (PHP protection against XSS, database injection, flooding, spam and other hack attempts), content management development. Programming languages are XML, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl.


Rangikaiwhiria Kemara is a fierce Maori sovereignty campaigner, anti business and strongly anti-National. His postings on the internet include references to Maori laying down their lives for independence. He was instrumental in this pro-Maori independence website: It was embroiled in a cyber-terrorist attack on Lego the toymaker in 2001. Maori claimed the company was stealing Maori intellectual property.

An ISP trace at the time followed the Lego attack back to the website that Rangikaiwhiria Kemara runs –

Online Quotes include:

“Any freetrade agreements will likely increase sales, but the mechanism is already in place as a trojan horse of sorts to make it possible and easy to be able to syringe land titles into overseas big business ownership.”

“I am trying to think of a single reason why Police have arrested Tame Iti for firing a shotgun other than because of pressure from redneck politicians.”

“Like in the past with conquest of whenua, mana motuhake /tino rangatiratanga / sovereignty, is won or lost by the momentum of the people and it is the hard option to take, and like in any country where its indigenous people move to self-government and independence, will probably cost you your life in doing so.”

“eventually people will come to realise there is no hope in the system and either choose a more revolutionary focus or lay down and die…should they choose revolution, then that direction and choice is borne out of real life experience.”


He was the vice chair of the New Zealand Maori Internet Service.

Attack on National website March 2004:

According to the New Zealand Press Association, the National Party of New Zealand’ web site ( was defaced during the night from friday 12 to saturday 13, it was taken offline on saturday afternoon and then redirected to Don Brash’s web site, the National Party leader. The defacer, who signed BlackMask, wrote on the index page “Neo Capitalist, Multinational, Racist, Trash” next to a picture with a circled A on a black background, some other pictures accusing Don Brash to be racist were also appearing below on the page. The head of the police e-crimes unit, Martin Kleintjes, who is investigating, told Computerworld NZ that the defacer used a viable user name and password to login, but that a part of a law against unauthorized access to computers (“Damaging or interfering with a computer system.”) makes this defacement a crime and would be invoked. He also said “We’re securing evidence at the moment and obtaining logs and then we’ll start at the bottom and work our way up.” until they *probably* discover that the defacer used a SQL injection in the ASP login page of the admin section? It is for me the only credible explanation of this hack.

Attack on Act Party website February 2004:

This is a post by ?Blackmask’ after the attack on the Act Web-site in February 2004:

This is an announcement from the ‘BlackMask’ group responsible for yesterdays denial of service attack on the ACT website.

We believe the rise to fame of top dog Don-the-fixer-Brash is tied to international pressure from multi-nationals to deal with internal social issues within New Zealand believed to be restricting the international dispersion of New Zealands wealth.
Brash’s central objective is to further oil the passage of wealth out of the NZ economy straight in the bank accounts of the wests multinationals. He’s a mean ol fucker that Don, a number crunching Nazi from way back.
The ‘BlackMask’ alliance which formed in January this year and consists of a network of 50+ black-bloc anachist members made up of Kiwis, Germans, Brasilians, Maoris, Montenegrons, Pols, the Au55i-boys and of course the Italians, have agreed on a series of cyber actions in the Oceanic area.
Members of the ‘BlackMask’ collective began the action yesterday with the downing of the ACT website. Working as a single unit, it was another awe inspiring anarchist black bloc operation, bringing the NZ ACT Party website to its begging knees…
ISP staff worked for hours to keep their precious webserver afloat but alas to no avail with the server succombing midday yesterday.
Lower Middle-class wanker Richard Prebble shouldn’t bitch about the smashing of his pathetic site, he is missing the point! His party is nothing but a carbon copy of the Brasho neo-capitalist dream for complete domination.
The selling of poisons and disposable culture to the nation, abuse of indigenous rights and promotion of the systematic destruction of the environment. Prebbles party is merely another flagship of good old uncle Dons right winged capitalist imperialism.
Blackmask believe that Website trashing is nothing more than burning the national flag, we know the insurance will cover any damage to the webservers, but it is a statement to the promoters of the totalitarian system, of neo-capitalist, that the writing is on the (fire) wall!
Further actions are planned throughout this year.
Komarado Commodeo
Spokesperson – ‘BlackMask’

Information about the ?Blackmask’ collective:

The BlackMask Collective, are a collective of political hackers. They are believed to oppose the internationalization activities of the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. They are known to attack political, white nationalist and fascist websites, and those belonging to the New Zealand National Front, New Zealand ACT Party and the New Zealand National Party.

More dangerously though is Rangi’s Trademe history.

His purchases include small rifle primers, 5.56mm projectiles, tactical load bearing equipment, 5.56mm tracer projectiles (clue here: you don’t use these for hunting), .22 Ammunition, a .303 rifle, 7.62mm brass cartridges for reloading, Camouflage trousers (he’s a big boy XXXXL), 5.56mm FMJ-BT (full metal jacket-boattail) projectiles, 9mm pistol brass for reloading, .223 brass for reloading, A vest for carrying 3 AK-47 curved magazines and pockets for 4 grenades, a Russian .22 rifle, AK47 rifle magazines, Push to Talk Throat mikes for walkie-talkies, magazines for Ruger 10/22, 77/22 rifles, Red Dot Scope, 7.62x39mm Ammunition (Ak-47), plus plenty more.

I think you get the picture. Now with those purchases outlined above, one would hope that he at least an Category E (Semi Automatic) licence but that won’t help with the 9mm cases, for those he would need to have a Catergory B (Pistol) licence. A Category C licence (Collector) won’t help either because he is buying ammunition and ammunition components and Cat C firearms must not be fired.

Also the gear purchased isn’t really hunting type gear either. It is all military look alike or military origin. For instance you don’t hunt deer with Full Metal Jacket projectiles or tracer rounds.

Amusingly I have been labeled an “ultra right wing nut job” by Indymedia. Funny, it isn’t me up on terror charges, it wasn’t me running around the bush in Te Urewera playing soldier and it isn’t me buying military arms from the internet.

The Police must come clean to clear up the murk surrounding these issues. If it was Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara then that interestingly raises yet more questions because at the time of the Urewera 17 operation the SIS, GCSB and the Police were all involved, we know this because of the alleged attempt on John Key’s life. That means that Helen Clark most assuredly knows of the links, the dots if you will as does Annette King who was Police Minister. There will be more to come this of that I am sure.