It's Shearer

David Shearer parachutes into Mt AlbertLabour’s head office has had its way and David Shearer has been picked as Labour’s candidate for the Mt Albert by-election.

Shearer has been parachuted in as a privatised special forces type of guy to try to keep the seat alive for Labour. In selecting Shearer Labour have ceded the privatisation argument to National, no longer can they claim that privatisation of anything is inherently evil when their candidate in an important by-election is such an advocate of privatisation.

In selecting David Shearer, Phil Goff has also put his leadership of the Labour Party on the line. If his chosen candidate fares badly then he personally is toast. Anything less than a 3000 majority will be viewed as an upset.

The box seat has now been handed to Russel Norman. he has the privatisation stick with which to beat David Shearer, more troops on the ground than Shearer will now enjoy and also has the added bonus of having a
two-for” deal for residents.

ACT will be all smiles as they can claim Shearer as heir 6th MP if he manages to scrape home.

Phil Goff will be happy for now as his hired gun, his soldier of fortune David Shearer has now got the nod.