John Armstrong: English must master tricky balancing act

John Armstrong: English must master tricky balancing actIt has to be assumed today’s Budget has done the job it was designed to do even before Bill English reveals its contents this afternoon. Otherwise, Budget Day will be a public-relations disaster for National. John Key and Bill… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong looks at the balancing act that Bill English must accomplish with today’s budget.

More importantly what Bill English needs to accomplish recognising that he is the DEPUTY. I rally am quite over his machinations and needling that he tries to get away with by giving us his down country yokel “Aw Shucks” look.

While we are talking about the Dipstick from Dipton have a look at how Hong Kong is “stimulating” the economy. They have raised their tax cut today from 1500 to 1900NZD a year for stimulus.

Meanwhile Bill the Dork talks about maintaining “entitlements” for losers.