Labour in disarray in Mt Albert

The Labour Party and their parachuted in candidate are fighting for their political life in Mt Albert. David “Blackwater” Shearer is in trouble and Labour’s own polling shows it.

Whaleoil has obtained last weeks polling for Labour by multi-national polling compay UMR, and it isn’t pretty reading for David “Blackwater” Shearer nor for Phil Goff.

Name Recognition
Can you correctly name any candidates standing in this by-election?

Labour  Shearer 87 19.08%
National Lee 202 44.30%
Green Norman 123 26.97%
Act Boscawen 15 3.29%

If a by-election were held tomorrow, for which candidate would you most likely cast your ELECTORATE vote?

Shearer 173 37.94%
Lee 172 37.72%
Norman 76 16.67%
Boscawen 5 1.10%
Other 0 0.00%
Undecided/Won’t Vote 30 6.58%
Total 456 100.00%

Leadership: How do you rate the performance of the major party leaders?

  Very Poor Poor Average Good Very Good  
John Key 22  4.82% 55  12.06% 77  16.89% 146  32.02% 156  34.21% 456
Phil Goff 102 22.37% 145 31.80% 139  30.48% 52  11.40% 18  3.95% 456
Total polled: 456          

The Greens will be very pleased with these results Russel Norman has much better name recognition than David “Blackwater” Shearer and he is also polling far higher than the Greens did at the general election.

Phil Goff will be in full panic mode this morning. His own ratings are parlous with just 15.35% of respondents thinking he is doing a Good or Very Good job compared with John Key who is scoring 66.23% in the same category.

David “Blackwater” Shearer will aslo be concerned that despite all the publicity the by-election is garnering his own name recognition is basement bound.