Labour smear machine at full volume against Lee

Labour accuses Lee of conflict of interestMelissa Lee is under fire from Labour, being accused of a pre-election conflict of interest [TVNZ News Politics]

Labour’s internal voter id and UMR polling are hurting. We know this from the leaks and from the goofs by the lackeys.Contrary toLabour’s belief Waterview just isn’t an issue, nor is the Super-City.

How much hurt?

Well a lot. We also know this because Labour has rolled out the dirty tricks brigade through Trevor Mallard who is slinging dirt everywhere against Melissa Lee. Trevor Mallard as usual is crapping on successful women.

A telling comment from Trevor Mallard is this one;

“My understanding was that she didn’t declare the fact that she was a National Party candidate when that decision was made,”

Telling, because it shows exactly how Labour would have refused any funds going to a private company run by someone standing for election for a party other than Labour. Is Trevor Mallard actually saying they would have stopped the funding of Asia Down Under through NZ on Air to a private company because the major shareholder was standing for National.

That folks is far worse of a story than the non-story about a supposed conflict of interest for a non-MP private shareholder of a private company making television programmes for 13 years, funded for 9 of those years under a Labour Governement.

I can’t believe Trvor Mallard has admitted in his statement that the funding decisoin may have been hampered by her being a candidate.

Apart from that the only charge Labour have leveled against melissa Lee is that she stood in a room and said nothing.

Labour must come clean about its campaign against National party shareholders in any funding issues in its nine years in power.