Labour sniggers while taxpayers cop the bills

Labour cuntsThe Labour Party clearly hasn’t learned anything from the election. They treat the electorate with complete contempt.

Check out this latest “joke” they have posted on Red Alert, the Labour MP’s blog.

Yes that is two top Labour MP’s from WELLINGTON campaigning in Auckland, in Mt Albert. Labour has so few people on the ground they are now flying in at considerable expense to the taxpayer senior MP’s to stuff letterboxes and have gay little sniggers at sign placement.

If I had my way their erstwhile leader and deputy would be before fraud investigators for painter-gate, the pledge card and the PREFU lies. Annette king the architect of the Electoral Finance Act thinks it is funny laughing about fraud but then what would a fat arsed failed Dental Nurse know about anything, she thinks crime increases when it is hot and there is a full moon.

I think the media should be asking who exactly is paying for these Wellington MP’s to be having their little snigger, it bet it is at the taxpayers expense.