Labour's smutty dirt flinging

I don't fire warning shotsMinister questioned over Rankin appointmentThe Government was challenged in Parliament today to say whether it would remove Christine Rankin from the Families Commission if it turned out she had been lying about rumours swirling around her private life. [Stuff Politics]

Labour should be very, very careful in going down the path they are heading with Christine Rankin.

It is clear that they have decided that flinging poo is the way forward and dragging peoples bedroom behaviour into th parliament is a good look.

I would caution then against doing so because then they will be open season.

Annette King herself should be very careful given she herself is twice married and her husband could hardly be called the pinnacle of discretion. Likewise Trevor Mallard.

There are too many skeletons in too many closets for Labour to want those busted wide open. But then again they still think smear and innuendo would work at the election.