Labour's strategists head scratching in Mt Albert

Labour's strategists head scratchingLabour’s strategists have called for all hands to help in the battle for Mt Albert. Today they received more bad news. David Shearer is barely in front of Melissa Lee despite Trevor Mallard’s smear campaign for which he is yet to apologise.

My deep throat Labour sources tell me that the latest polling from multi-national polling company UMR shows that David Shearer is polling at 36 per cent and Melissa Lee is just behind on 34% despite all the mudslinging by Labour.

Labour’s strategists are said to be panicking and called for a full turnout. Expect all of Labour’s out of town MP’s to be campaigning on the taxpayers tit.

We could be looking at another Onehunga here. No wonder Labour/EPMU functionaries are lying to constituents telling them it is illegal not to vote.

David “Blackwater” Shearer will be in real trouble if there is any dirt out on him that lands in the final week.