Lee apology 'shows character'

Lee apology ‘shows character’A repentant Melissa Lee is battling to get her campaign for the Mt Albert byelection back on track after Prime Minister John Key was forced to intervene over comments she made at a public meeting. Ms Lee – a National List MP and… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good on Melissa Lee for apologising. It is certainly refreshing to have MP’s prepared to admit mistakes, something we never saw for nine long years under Helen Clark.

Not even once can I recall any minister or MP apologising. Helen Clark never apologises for calling Maori “haters and wreckers” or West Coasters “feral inbreds”. Trevor Mallard has never apologised for his “chinless scarf wearers” comment. Michael only sort of apologised for his “rich prick”, his apologose was that it was never meant to be heard.

You see when you look at what Melissa Lee said, which was about criminals from South Auckland it pales into insignificance against the utterings of Clark, Cullen and Mallard.

We will wait until hell freezes over before any of them apologise.