Looks like Key and English got it right

Bill English's budget public opinionJohn Key continues to be Labour’s worst nightmare. He continues the misery by supervising Bill English in the delivery of his budget.

I am not going to comment mainly because I care not a jot, but also because better analysts than me have already commented on the budget.

The last word ultimately on any budget though is what the public think of it, on that I think John Key and Bill English have probably got it right.

At least that is what the NZ Herald online survey says.

Still it was a budget that showed that National still needs some gonads. They still talk of “entitlements”. This socialist fantasy that somehow people are entitled to other peoples money must be stamped out.

Right now our welfare state is simply unsustainable and hard decisions will have to be made sooner rather than later.

It looks like the next election will be fought on superannuation and whatever dirt Labour can fling about. My only wish is that we can have a sensible debate about the unsustainability of Universal Superannuation. Hopefully with NZ First dead and buried that may be possible.