Making Government Poverty History

With the news that John Key is looking at extending Government Funding of political parties it is timely to look at this video I nicked from Guido’s blog.

While I am railing against public funding of political parties it occured to me that Labour’s cynical manipulation of the Electoral process with the Electoral Finance Act was just step one in their ultimate aim and that was to shift focus of the public to donations and transpereny in a bid to get public funding of political parties. It lloks like they may well have been successful.

You see if you move to ban or limit donations then you need to then provide a mechanism for political parties to fund themselves. This ultimately leads to public funding of political parties and the further removing of democracy from New Zealand. There actually is then no longer a need for organisations, members and party fundraising and the political parties become creatures of their executive rather than parties for their members.

Labour are already essentially operating in this manner after troughing from the public for nine long years.

I will fight public funding of political parties with vigour and attack any party that supports it. If anything we should be looking at removing the public funding of advertising for political parties entirely unless they aren’t in parliament. That would be much more in the interests of demcracy than the current funding rorts. At the same time remove the law that prevents political parties buying their own time for advertising and using their own money.

The troughing by parties must end.