Mallard lying, Lee attack a Labour stitch-up

Trevor Mallard is a bully-boy and Labour’s hitman. His target right now is Melissa Lee and that is because she is a whisker away from the soldier of fortune David Shearer.

Yesterday on Red Alert, Labour’s new MP blog, he claimed that he had nothing to do with Jesse Guruanathan’s story getting to the media. That is a strange thing to claim because my highly placed Labour sources tell me that;

  • Labour paid for Ms Guruanathan to fly to Wellington
  • Ms Guruanathan met with Trevor Mallard in his office at Parliament before she gave her interviews

So I ask again of Trevor Mallard;

  • Did he or the Labour party facilitate in the flying of Ms Guruanathan to Wellington?
  • Did he or any of his Labour colleagues meet Ms Guruanathan BEFORE she spoke to media?

Mallard is also making several unproven claims in his smear attack;

Her company got a $1.2million NZ on Air grant which was used, inter alia, for an election special. The decision to grant was made after she became a National Party list candidate. She made a video using the company resources to appeal to Asian voters. It was not declared either as a donation to the National Party or one of their expenses.

  • So her company got a grant and they made the programmes for which the grant given, no problem here I can see.
  • Trevor keeps on mentioning the grant was made after she was announced as a Natioanl candidate, is he suggestiong that if they knew that the grant wouldn’t have been made?
  • She made “a video using the company resources”. So what, copanies can use their resources for whatever they want. Just the EPMU Uses its trucks and cars and people to campaign for Labour. I didn’t see the fuel and cars of the EPMU declared on Labour’s donations.
  • Of course it wsn’t declared on National’s donations or expenses return. The cost of the production o a Youtube clip would have been far under the $10,000 limit for donations, I should know I have made hundres of clips. National would have no reason to inlcude it as an expense if they didn’t pay for it.

This is simply a smear attack against a woman of colour because Labour’s gray candidate Davod “Blackwater” Shearer is failing to make an impact. The irony is that Labour by making this attack has ensured that Melissa Lee’s name recognition will go sky high.