Mallard should hang his head in shame

Trevor Mallard is an extraordinary bully and a complete liar. He attacked Julian Robertson in 2005 as National’s “American Bag man”.

Meanwhile his own party was shamelessly pocketing $500,000 from their very own bag man Owen Glenn. Labour even piled on the glory to Owen Glenn before ultimately shunning him as he came clean on Labour’s and NZ First dodgy funding arrangements. Labour though justified its approach through because of Owen Glenn’s largesse to Auckland University.

Well now Julian Robertson has shown just how wrong Trevor Mallard was to malign him. He has gifted $115 million worth of art to the Auckland Art Gallery. A donation that will be enjoyed by the whole nation rather than the appartchiks of only the Labour Party.

Owen Glenn’s paltry $7.5 million pales into insignificance against Julian Robertson’s $115 million gift to the nation.

Trevor Mallard should hang his head in shame and have the humility to apologise publicly to Julian Robertson. He won’t of course. Julian Robertson is clearly a bigger person than Trevor Mallard ever will be.