Maori Seats on Super City Council should be tossed aside

Tribe optimistic of seats breakthroughA breakthrough on Super City Maori seats could be close as iwi prepare for today’s hikoi protesting at the Government’s rejection of the plan. Iwi have put a proposal to the Government pushing for Maori representation on the Auckland… [NZ Herald Politics]

Ok I am now starting to get annoyed with all this silly talk about Maori Seats on the the Super City Council.


Because it is bollocks that’s why.

We have Aortic Len, Brown Eye Bob and the Clown from Campbells Bay desperately seeking support from all corners for their tilts at the Mayoralty, including Maori by supporting calls for Maori seats on the new Council.

Except their rank hypocrisy is showing. Currently none of their cities that they preside oer have Maori seats. Manukau has precisely NONE elected purely as Maori ward seats, though Jami-lee Ross the current councillor for Howick is a Maori. Waitakere City has the same representation for Maori as Manukau, NONE. Finally we have the Clown of Campbells Bay’s city, North Shore, and a quick look at their website shows precisely the same situation regarding Maori representation, NONE.

In fact in all of those cities run by the Three Stooges there is more Pacifika representation than Maori and all are directly elected in general wards. North Shore is definately the centre of dead white people as councillors.

Quite simply the call for maori seats on the Super City Council is ridiculous and completely without precedent in logic, or in any of the component cities. You would think that if such representation was desirable then Aoric Len, Brown Eye Bob and the Clown from Campbells Bay would have implemented Maori seats with some alacrity when they were elected. In the case of Brown Eye Bob he has been there like forever with nor previous mention EVER of having Maori seats in Waitakere. To be fair to Aortic Len he has been more focused on drawing breath from one minute to the next to bother with such frivolities in Manukau. As for the Clown of Campbells Bay, well the man is just a sot without a clue of anything except how far away the bottom of a bottle is.

Maori seats should be resisted with vigour. It isn’t needed, it isn’t desirable and it isn’t democratic to have seperatist seats.