Marketing advice for Bums

Times are tough right now and Boing Boing and Mt Holly Mayor’s Office have come up with a marketing plan for Public Fund Requisitioning Agent (bum).

Becoming unemployed means considering all of one’s options, like taking up a position as a Public Fund Requisitioning Agent (bum). It’s a tough business here in Minneapolis and considering I will be out of a job in two weeks, I think I need to get my game, beard and hangdog look in shape if I plan to continue to provide for the citizens of Mt. Holly while on the streets.

Yesterday, I saw a guy on the street in full clown gear blowing bubbles while holding up a sign saying “The circus laid me off.” It brings me back to one of my favorite ad campaigns from the past few years.

Frequent Mt. Holly tourist, Todd Norem ( created these media appropriate and proven effective outdoor boards for his client Ed who reported at least a 800% increase in gross income on days his media ran.

Go read the comments, more great marketing solutions for bums there.

Better signs for Bums