Melissa Lee exonerated

NZ on Air have released the full report into their investigation that Melissa Lee inappropriate misued funds and have completely without reservation exonerated her.

I would expect now that a full apology be issued on TV3 by Duncan Garner for his scurrilous, factually wrong and orchestrated attack on Lee over this. Further I would expect that Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to apologise as well for their disgusting involvment in this episode as well.

DPF covers the mendacity of both Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard. This is once again one of Trevor’s bullshit attacks without a shred of evidence, it is Labour’s dirty tricks, yet again exposed as a pack of lies.

Interestingly I see Labour want the focus off Lee for Mt Albert. That will be because their expensive and constant polling conducted by multi-national pollster and research company UMR is showing that their parachute candidate is virtually unknown with just three weeks to go and that Melissa Lee is experiencing a solid bounce in support largely out of sympathy.

Note that the leftwing blogs have gone all quiet in their attacks on Lee. Once again teh vaunted co-ordinated attacks trategy of denigrationa nd ridicule has backfired. Labour are certainly very slow learners.

Now after this clearing of lee I would hope that Duncan Garner would focus his nihilist behaviour onto David “Blackwater” Shearer.

What is becoming very clear though is that Russel Norman is emerging as the clean candidate for this by-election, so far untainted by scandal.