Mt Albert Watch – Labour's tricksters

For those of you who don’t know, Labour’s grassroots website is used to motivate activists to keep active.  One of its groups, “Letter Writers for Labour“, is administered by Jenny Michie, Labour’s communications manager and former press secretary to Michael Cullen and also “Eddie” at The Standard.  Michie has been busy over the last few weeks running the Mount Albert by-election campaign for Labour.

Here at Whaleoil we’ll have more in the next few weeks about Labour’s parachuted soldier of fortune candidate, and its parachuted campaign organisation of union mercenaries.  Such was the local disgust at the way Labour’s floor vote for Meg Shearer was vetoed by Phil Goff’s crowd in favour of David Shearer, Labour have struggled to get local activists together to help out the Mount Albert cause.  Instead Labour has been heavily relying on the resources of the EPMU and the service and food workers’ union to get things done.  Not to mention the campaign management, which has all been flown up from Wellington.

But more on that later.

Labour are getting very nervous about losing Mount Albert.  Their first round of internal polling by UMR as I reported on the weekend was dismissed by the campaign manager as a “rogue poll”.  That poll showed Lee and Shearer neck and neck, with Russel “Stormin'” Norman eating a big slice out of Labour’s vote, and rising.  Labour’s latest polling efforts have shown Lee and Shearer to be neck and neck again, as revealed to the Mayor of Newmarket by a Labour Party pollster on Monday night.

Last week Whaleoil heard from parliamentary spies that Trevor Mallard has been trying to drop its equivalent of the nuclear bomb on the press gallery.  The story is that Melissa Lee made a youtube clip for the National Party.  Very shocking, Trevor.

But the real story is just why Trevor Mallard would bother at all.  Labour are promising more smear to come and have the big guns doing it.

Yesterday, on the “Letter writers for Labour” grassroots Labour website, one of the activists began a meme, which should soon appear in a newspaper near you.  It goes like this:

comment by Mary-Ann de Kort 16 hours ago

Hi all

This video clip must be worth some letters about Melissa Lee’s corrupt practices in using government funding to fund National party ads and promotions.

So if you happen to see any comments online or in your newspaper from:

Jenny Michie, Martin Power, Jordan Carter, Patrick Leyland, Conor Roberts, Chris Hipkins, Shane Field, Hamish McCracken, Tamar Murachver, Kate Sutton, Samantha Taylor, Andreas Triandafelidis, Kyle Whitfield, Graham Stanley, David Talbot, Andre Jeffery, Greg Presland, Michael Couch, Angus Hodgson, Dianna Snaddon, Jenny Kirk, Jeremy Greenbrook, Meg Bates, Tracey Dorreen, Mel Barker, Renee Van Der Weert, Mary-Ann de Kort, Christopher Downs, Tui Head, Geoff Hayward, James Sleep, Jacob Diggle, Heather Grimwood, Chris Carter, George Laird, Elizabeth Rigby, Cheryl Jackson, Demelza George-Franzmayr , John Marshall, Tim Watson, Angus Galloway, Tim Miller, Bevan Chuang, Steve Farrow

Then you will know they’re not writing their original ideas. They’re just spreading Labour Party sleaze as per usual.