Mt Albert Watch – More Evidence of Labour Muckraking

If there were any doubts that the unprecedented attacks on Melissa Lee are being driven by the Labour Party, we have more revelations on the grassroots Labour website.  In the “Mount Albert Helpers” group of the website, we have this admission from the website’s administrator:

“Comment by David Talbot 23 hours ago

Trevor is running the Melissa Lee story on the MPs blog at:

Go check it out and voice your opinions in the comments section”
It does make you wonder why Labour are throwing Trevor Mallard and the kitchen sink at Melissa Lee in Mount Albert.  They’ve been getting some very nervous poll numbers.  First from UMR, which Labour’s hierarchy suppressed and dismissed as a rogue poll (and leaked here on Whaleoil).  Then Labour’s follow-up poll, conducted by Labour Party and EPMU activists, because they were so suspicious of the UMR results.
Labour are very worried in Mount Albert.  They wouldn’t have Trevor Mallard fronting the smear brigade if they thought they would coast home.