Mt Albert Watch – Progressives dead and buried

Time of Death on ProgressivesI call time of death on The Progressives.

In Mt Albert it has been observed on numerous occasions that David “Blackwater” Shearers media minder is John pagani, former loyal lieutenant to Jim Anderton.

Spotted today sporting a fetching Labour party rosette was Matt Robson who is/was number 2 on the Progressives list.

I think that The Speaker, The Hon. Dr. Lockwood Smith needs to look at the funding of Jim Anderton as “party leader”.

I’d like to thank Matt Robson and John Pagani for proving in Mt Albert that the progressives have ceased to exist and that now we can have a fiscal saving in cutting the “leaders” budget of Jim Anderton. They have finally achieved something afer all these years.

Perhaps Jim could now confirm the rumours that he is flagging it all away.