Mt Albert Watch – The Air War

Labour starts the Air WarThe Mount Albert by-election is very interesting right now.

Labour have gone dirty early and used their usual suspects like Trevor Mallard. This can mean only one thing, their internal polling shows that Labour is in danger of losing their stronghold. Why no attacks on Russel Norman? Only attacks on Melissa Lee. It is because Labour’s internal polling show that Lee has better name recognition than David “Blackwater” Shearer and is a whisker away from wresting the seat from Labour.

Labour also has very few of their own troops on the ground. This is despite the trucking in of the mercenary armies of the EPMU and SWFU people, resources and vehicles. Last night at the candidates meeting Labour flunkies were seriously out numbered by National and even the Greens had more people in attendence than Labour.

The vaunted electoral machine that Helen Clark was supposed to have is failing to fire. There are bitter divisions in Labour.

So Labour are losing the ground war in a pincer movement by National and The Greens. As a result we see that they have started the guerilla wars, and yesterday with their attacks in Melissa Lee through their proxies in the New Zealand media have started the air war.

As the Americans found out in Vietnam, air power alone cannot win the war. David “Blackwater” Shearer of all the Labour party should know that to win you need troops on the ground. The simple fact is though that Labour which Clark dragged left doesn’t like Phil Goff nor his mercenary loving flunkie parachuted in. It is only their dual general Andrew “Chicken” Little who has ordered in the union mercenaries that is keeping their prescence viable on the ground.